How should a painting company owner overcome the fear of selling their services?

Your Service is Needed
Painters Pittsburgh, you are craftsmen. You perform a very important role in bringing a remodeling project or new construction project to completion. You might spend many years honing your craft and tend to put more effort into the craft side of your business than you do the business side of the business. However, to have a successful business, you have to learn how to handle the business side of the business. An important part of doing that is getting new business, which involves selling your service to new customers. There can be a fear involved in “sales” and the process of gaining new business. We will be going through some suggestions to help overcome the fear and gain new business.

Your Service is Needed
The most important factor to for you to realize in this process is your service is needed. No construction project or remodeling project will be complete without paint. You know your skills and what you can offer. Selling that service is only a matter of explaining the value you bring to the project.

Only take the jobs you want to do
You might have a certain type of project, building type, paint mixture, etc. you prefer to work with. If you focus most of your energy on the finding the projects your good at and want to work on, it will make it easier to become excited about the project which will make it easier to convey that excitement to the contractor. If the prospective contractor sees your enthusiasm, it will be easier to convince them of your commitment to the job and your ability to do the job well.

Painters, you are more than painters. You are businessmen. When it comes to running your business, recognize that your service is valuable. Think of selling as describing what you know you can do and less about making a sale and it will make the selling process less intimidating.

What Keeps A Painter Down?

painting a door white

So you’ve got all the paint, paint brushes, painters tape, and you.

But for some strange reason, you’ve lost your nerve.

You cannot bring yourself to contact your customer.

You see, it’s your first real commercial paint job and you’re not sure if you’re cut out for it.

Will you mess up?

Will you deliver on time?

Will they ruin your reputation after you fail painting their front office?

First thing you got to understand is that when they searched for “painter” they did there due diligence.

You don’t think they just went with the first Joe painter they saw.


They looked at reviews, got references, and sniffed around for a bit.

Then they got a gut feeling that you were the one.

That’s why you are here now feeling this way.

They picked you.

Now go out there and prove them right!

Use this insider knowledge to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and know that you are good enough.

You are the best in their minds.

Now all you have to do is do what you’ve always done which is what brought them to you to begin with!

And that’s the secret in the sauce.

They wouldn’t even be talking to you right now except for the actions you’ve done up util this point.

It’s your past actions, past paint jobs, past reviews that led them to you.

So that’s all the motivation you need right now.

Take it, run with it, lets go!